Make 2017 Be The Year That You Stand Out, Serve More and Sell More!

Be seen as the expert in your niche

Reach more of your dream clients 

Create offers they want to buy

The Create Your Signature Program Course 

Are you a Christ-centered, purpose-driven coach or consultant who is ready to stand out, attract more of your ideal clients, and produce greater sales results with your knowledge?  

Do you have knowledge and information that benefits your clients, but you’re not sure how to package it? 

Are you ready to create a Signature Program that allows you to serve more people, make more money, AND can give you passive income? 

If you said YES! to any of these questions, you are in the right place!  

No matter how gifted and talented you are, you can't serve who you are meant to serve, or make the income and impact you want, if you're not able to differentiate yourself and be recognized as an expert.

The quickest and easiest way I found in my own business is by creating a Signature Program.

Let’s be honest, figuring out how to articulate what you do in a common sense and practical way and set up your offers on your own, without the right guidance, direction and mentorship is the hard way. 

It’s exhausting and stressful, right?  

What would it be worth to have peace of mind knowing you are learning how to create profittable offers efficiently and effectively the first time? 

Can we get right to the heart of the matter for a moment? 

  • You are here to make a difference
  • You're a messanger 
  • You have a mission to share through your business 
  • You are ready to reach a new audience
  • You want to make more money and serve more people this year by packaging your knowledge and expertise

In The Create Your Signature Program Course you will learn the exact steps you need to take (and the ones you must avoid) to create your Signature Program.  

Attract your ideal clients easily, creating better results and sales.

Become more confident talking about and selling your services and programs

Grow your visibility and be seen as the expert in your niche. 

Here’s a snapshot of what you'll learn in the Create Your Signature Program Course: 

  • How to identify and gain clarity of your ideal client  
  • How to understand how they think and feel and why they buy 
  • How to know where to reach them
  • How to uncover the challenges your ideal clients want solved right now 
  • How to arrive at an idea for your Signature Program, one that your ideal clients are ready to buy 
  • Why your offers are not producing the results you want and how to easily prevent that.
  • A proven 7-step framework for packaging your knowledge and expertise to create and sell anything 


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 “I attended Althea’s Create Your Signature Program Workshop and it was fantastic! I learned so much. My biggest challenge before attending the workshop was realizing how to put my gifts into a program and then packaging it well enough to present to my clients. I also struggled with who my audience would be, targeting them and finding ways to bring my passion into the product I wanted to bring forward. 

After attending the workshop, I now know it’s possible for me to put a program together and create a Signature Program of my own. I came away with more confidence and specific ways to develop my ideas into a product that I can actual serve to my clients. 

What I love most about the workshop is Althea’s personality, but in addition to that I gained specific things that can help me build on what I had. Althea is very detailed, organized and gave me specific ideas on how to put my program together and came up with specific scenarios that will help me apply to my niche.

I'm now confident that I can put together a good product and create a Signature Program of my own that will help me generate additional income.” 

Amy Swift-Johnson, Physician & Coach 

 I'm your teacher, Althea McIntyre, MSOD, CPCC

Since 2006 I have created and delivered seminars, webinars and workshops for a wide range of organizations including Illinois CPA Society, Northwestern University and PwC, LLP. I've been featured and quoted by EBONY, JET, The Network Journal, and many professional association publications. 

I’m known for my magnetic energy and my ability to take complex information and break it down, so it's easy to understand and implement. 

The Create Your Signature Program Course will give you a systematic approach to create and launch your Signature Program in record time. 

You’ll leave energized and confident with the exact strategies and framework I use to create my signature programs, grow my visibility, stand out in the crowded coaching industry, and win clients, customers and recognition nationwide!